Are Women Cruel to Men in Live Phone Chat

I recently read an article about the cruel things women do to men and found it to be very interesting and thought provoking. Then I asked myself, really, are women cruel to men and does this extend into live phone chat.

This is a twist when talking to women live in your local area.

Live Phone Chat with Real Women

Are Women Cruel to Men on Live Phone Chat

Gone are the days when you could a impress a lady by opening the door, pulling out their chair, sending nice flowers, or a fancy box of chocolates. Men are limited on how manly they can really be. Maybe this facilitates women to be the more dominate partner in the live 1 on 1 connection. Maybe more and more men like it that way.

Women like playing games and guess what, men like games to – computer games that is.

Here are some of the creative ways women get back at men, or should I said, here are the cruel things women do to men…

  • They Don’t Answer Their Phone
  • They Use Men for Free Drinks
  • They Use Men as Placeholders
  • They Emotionally Manipulate Men
  • They Use Physical Violence
  • They Criticize Their Men in Public
  • They Don’t Disclose Their Relationship Status
  • They Withhold Sex to Make A Point
  • They Test Their Men
  • They Flirt To Inspire Jealousy

When looking at the list above, much of it is obvious when going into a Live Phone Chat connection with live 1 on 1 chat. So let me quickly break it down to make for and easy read.

Local ladies want us to call them, but then do not answer the phone as if to determine actual commitment. Free drinks is time tested and obvious – yes they use men for free drinks. Placeholders and Emotion go hand in hand, it’s all about appearance in front of others. Do women like to slap and punch men, of course, it’s an attraction response. Guys like it! Unless it involves paddles – but some like that too.

Criticizing men in public is getting and redundant. Yes women are as smart as men, get over it already. It makes you look bad. If you do go out of your way to criticize someone in public, then do not waste time with the old “I have a boyfriend” – loser.

Live 1 on 1 chat lines and online dating have offered an alternative to withholding sex and test their man’s loyalty. Do they still flirt for jealousy, maybe, but most guys look at each and say – nice score!

So the outcome of my review on whether or not women are cruel to men, not really. 10 years ago these were great tactics to get, test, isolate, and define you male caller. Today, if you want live phone chat with real female callers, then naughty voice is a great choice. No games. Just real live chat. Real live connections.

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